The Ministries of St James African Methodist Episcopal Church

  1. The Steward Board Ministry
  2. The Trustee Board Ministry
  3. The Stewardess Board Ministry
  4. The Christian Education Ministry
  5. The Media Ministry
  6. The Community Meal Ministry
  7. The Food Closet Ministry
  8. The Women’s Missionary Society Ministry
  9. The Class Leader’s Ministry
  10. The Lay Ministry
  11. The Young People’s Department Ministry
  12. The Junior Church Ministry
  13. The Church School Ministry
  14. The Tuesday 12 Noon Virtual Bible Study Ministry
  15. The Wednesday 6 p.m. Virtual Pastor’s Bible Study
  16. The New Members Ministry
  17. The Mime Ministry
  18. The Combined Choir Ministry
  19. The Couple’s Guild #2 Ministry
  20. The Music Ministry
  21. The Hazel T. Gomez Student Aid Ministry
  22. The Senior Usher’s Ministry
  23. The Men of Zion Ministry
  24. The Men’s Usher Ministry
  25. The Junior Usher Ministry
  26. The Transportation Ministry
  27. The Bereavement Meal Ministry
  28. The Mary K. White Flower Ministry
  29. The Pastor’s Aide Ministry
  30. The Finance Commission Ministry